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My birds are just a hobby, i don't keep many but sometimes I breed a few more than I need as replacements. 

Large Large Fowl Partridge Wyandottes one trio and one POL pair. Good quality, excellent markings, type and size.  Good layers and fertile. The strain is easy to care for, vigorous and makes good mothers but not too broody.


To enquire about any of these birds please phone  01403 268844 or email:

Black Mottled Wyandotte Bantam Trios.  This colour is still very rare in the UK.  I have developed this strain to have excellent type, fertility, a quiet nature and good layers of big eggs.



Millefleur Pair I have developed this colour from scratch. They are now looking really good, this cockerel is lovely and the hen has good type and is getting a good colour. When they breed true but there is still a bit of variation in offspring.  This pair breed well and the hen lays well with big eggs.  These are the best ones I have let go.

  Other Wyandottes

Partridge Cockbreeders

Partridge and Silver Pencilled

Chocolate Partridges

Chocolate Selfs

Chocolate Carrying Mottled

Chocolate Orpingtons

Tolbunts (funky, jazzy irregular millefleur - no two the same!)


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