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Omega-3 Linseed Oil for Hens

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Healthy Foods   delicious, nutritious linseed/flaxseed foods - best flavoured cold-pressed linseed/flaxseed oil, fresh ground linseed meal, linseed/quinoa porridge, Fabulous Flaxjacks™ and linseed oil for hens to make your own "omega-3 eggs"

 Borough Market modelFor anyone worried about the impact of Network Rail putting the new railway through Borough Market - it will be business as usual:


Chicken Stuff  Poultry help, advice and information especially for the backyard or garden poultry keeper.

The Coop Forum: where you can find answers to everything poultry : Wyandotte page at the Feathersite - lots of nice 'dotty pics - hope your Dutch is good! Breeders of  rare and ornamental pheasants in Southwest Scotland


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 What is to become of the west wing of Sedgwick Park: pics of my garden in chaos