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  Breast Feather from Spangled Wyandotte Cockerel

 The pictures on this page and the next   are just a collection of odds and ends -some of which are just curiosities that I can't work out - any suggestions about the genetics of the the pale partridge and the gold laced Wyandottes most welcomed.






A pair of young pullet-breeding gold laced males; identical except for one having normal red hackles the other orange hackles. Why?




 Blacks with red hackles - rather handsome but how would one do it again? Bit of E, maybe ER? with eWh Ml and Mh?



 A speckled pullet.

  My favourite hen of all time: a Mottled Wyandotte hen of German ancestry  bred by David Copas



Spotted in places

An odd coloured hen, solid blue neck with pink body




The PB Partridge Wyandotte Cocks exhibited at Grant Brereton's show: Standard large fowl (he weighed about 14lbs), normal bantam cock and a miniature/dwarf cock  who was tiny.  The latter had a always stood with his chest very puffed out,  eventually he took to falling over backwards especially if he got in a fight.  

Both are the same age; the small one matured extreme slowly but was always healthy - not sure if she ever laid but didn't want to breed mega-midgets anyway.



This pullet is not blue; the lacing comes from a combination of Birchen, pattern gene, Columbian and Dark brown.  She is the F2  Hamburg Wyandotte cross      

  Baby spots