Sedgwick locked: help us reopen this ancient route

Our Interest: Forgotten Rights of Way Around Horsham

There are frogotten footpaths and bridleways crossing Sedgwick Park, Denne Park, Chesworth, West Grinstead, Knepp and beyond that have been closed by the money and power of local landowners. For centuries these have been roads, in recent times they are been popular routes that link directly with other public bridleways.  Please help us reopen them.

 The Way Through The Woods
They shut the road through the woods
Seventy years ago.
Weather and rain have undone it again,
And now you would never know
There was once a road through the woods
Before they planted the trees.
It is underneath the coppice and heath,
And the thin anemones.
Only the keeper sees
That, where the ring-dove broods,
And the badgers roll at ease,
There was once a road through the woods.

Yet, if you enter the woods
Of a summer evening late,
When the night-air cools on the trout-ringed pools
Where the otter whistles his mate,
(They fear not men in the woods,
Because they see so few)
You will hear the beat of a horse’s feet
And the swish of a skirt in the dew,
Steadily cantering through
The misty solitudes,
As though they perfectly knew
The old lost road through the woods.
But there is no road through the woods.

Rudyard Kipling 1910

Do you have any information about  Sedgwick Park, Chesworth or Nuthurst or the local routes?  Do you have connections with  the Canadian Army that were in the Horsham area during WW2 or other local history about the area, if so we would love to hear from you.


You may hold the key to evidence about the ancient use of these tracks through West Sussex. If you have anything at all, your own recollections of using the paths, maps, documents, etc., how ever trivial, it may help us, please get in touch.


Bridleways, Footpaths and Byways

The Routes. The paths in Sedgwick that we want to  reclaim are the tracks that goes from Broadwater Lane to the Ridgeway path that goes down to Mannings Health, it is currently known as the West Drive at Sedgwick and the track known as the North Drive that is the continuation of the road that starts in Compton’s Lane, includes Sedgwick Lane and links to the Bridleway that proceeds south to Copsale and Nuthurst

What You can Do to Help.. We need more evidence of the routes uses as public paths and roads. Did you ever use these tracks in the past?  Do you know others who did ? Do you know of any parish records, maps or other documents that refer to Sedgwick over the last four hundred years – or ever? Perhaps you can remember a family who lived here or had connections with the area – and that includes Horsham, Southwater, Chesworth, Copsale, Nuthurst.  Have you seen books or letters about the area? Please tell us what you know and we will follow it up.

Our Endeavour So Far. Blood sweat and tears.

Rights of Way are  important for our health, recreation  and communities


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