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Phone 01403 268844 to enquire about booking eggs or young birds.  Poultry help, advice and information especially for the backyard or garden poultry keeper.

The Coop Forum: where you can find answers to everything poultry : Wyandotte page at the Feathersite - lots of nice 'dotty pics - hope your Dutch is good! Breeders of  rare and ornamental pheasants in Southwest Scotland

Poultry Club of Great Britain. 


Healthy Foods   or phone 01403 268844 for information or to order delicious, nutritious linseed/flaxseed foods - best flavoured cold-pressed linseed/flaxseed oil, fresh ground linseed meal, linseed/quinoa porridge, Fabulous Flaxjacks™ and linseed oil for hens to make your own "omega-3 eggs" For anyone worried about the impact of Network Rail putting the new railway through Borough Market - it will be business as usual:


Sedgwick Stuff

 What is to become of the west wing of Sedgwick Park: pics of my garden in chaos

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