Mixed Wyandottes

Chickens for Sale

For Sale Purebred Wyandottes and Pet Chickens

I usually have chickens for sale from chick to point of lay pullets and older hens, all Wyandottes.  Lots of choice of varieties and colours, show, breeding and pet quality. Great layers, friendly and  easy to handle. Do get in touch and let me know what you are looking for.



Chicken & Bantam Varieties for Sale

Young birds, point of lay pullets usually available for new homes

  • Partridge
  • Silver pencilled
  • Chocolate partridge
  • Black, Chocolate, Blue, Mauve
  • Mottled 
  • Black, Chocolate, Blue, Mauve
  • Millefleur
  • Tolbunt
  • Various Project Birds with useful genetics
  • Lots of unusual pretty colours

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Phone: 01403 268844


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