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Barred tolbunt.
Barred tolbunt.

Smart Tolbunt Wyandottes

My tolbunt hens seem to get better with age; the hens often look better than the pullets.   The barred tolbunts look very smart.  Very bold black and white, it seems to work better than laced tolbunts.  Sometimes they have a bit of black spangled pattern about them which all helps to make this tolbunt a dramatic pattern.

Barred tobunt pattern
Barred tobunt pattern
One year old tolbunt hen
One year old tolbunt henTolbun



Wormed all the birds today. They have to be on the wormer for a week. Also got the oregano extract an dwill give them that from next week and as have no excuse not to linseed oil all round from next week too as it is good for immune system and fertility and makes them shine more! 🙂