Black Wyandotte hen pullet bantam chicken

Black Wyandottes

Black, Chocolate and Mottled Wyandottes


A simple colour scheme of red comb and wattles,  yellow legs and black plumage with an intense “beetle” green sheen; the green sheen is mesmerising and whole effect stunning.

Black Wyandotte hen
Black Wyandotte hen


Black Wyandotte bantams, hens pullets


The difficulty is getting yellow legs with sold black plumage but it can be done.

Many of my black Wyandottes often carry the mottled gene.  Usually there is no hint of it in the adult birds but means my solid black Wyandottes can be bred with mottled and produce good specimens of each.

Black Wyandotte pullet young bantam hen chicken
Black Wyandotte pullet young
bantam hen chicken

Black Mottled

Blue, black, chocolate, mauve and lavender mottled can all be bred off the same pen along with the black selfs.