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My Silver Spangled Wyandottes are very much a "work in progress".  The type is too slight and the spangling too small but they are spangled and very decorative and will be bred from next year to better mates. Which will produce gold and larger spangles. The top right and bottom left cockerels are pure Wyandotte, bred from various patterns.  In order to extent the spangle to the tip of the tail the other birds had Hamburg blood crossed in about three generations ago; the type is beginning to recover.

Appaloosa Spangled Wyandotte Cockerels

The bird to the right is know to a Columbian het. (he has a laced upper breast.)

The boy to the right started out very dark and became much whiter with age




This boy started out very white but is showing increased black spangling with age.

An early spangled cockerel

The best marked pullet yet..

Some Appaloosa Spangled Wyandotte Pullets

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