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Blue Silver Laced Pullet. National Poultry Show, December 200

Blue Silver Laced

This was a pet project and I'm thrilled with this outcome.  This isn't the first time they have been made - previously they were given the name "violettes".  Originally I was crossing silver laced with my buff and laced just to improve the neck striping on gold, blue and buff laced.  My buffs had solid white hackles and golds, black, which according to the standard is incorrect. The problem is caused by the Charcoal gene which is also seen on Indian Game and Lakenvelders - where it is a correct part of the standard. 


Buff Laced

My wonderful old buff laced, with the offending solid white hackles; she is the grandmother of the above pullet.
I realised blue silver was possible but was surprised at how attractive they are. Out of all the blue versions of normal colour this is easily my favourite and I think I prefer it to the silver laced.  It is also admired by people who know absolutely nothing about poultry - who are often good judges of a bird!

The project isn't all plain sailing. To start with they are blue so obey the genetic rules for breeding blues  Secondly the dark brown of the buff and gold caused by the Mahogany gene rather annoyingly doesn't always show - even on males.  So just when I think I've arranged a mating between two birds that aren't carrying it partially brown feathers crop up, sometimes on females or when I look really critically in a good light I realise the bird has a brownish tinge all over - but you have got to know it's there to see it.

 Currently they are non-standard and are also being bred as large fowl by others.  My hope is that we don't settle on a name as absurd as violette for them, it is completely inconsistent with the naming of the other varieties - but then that, itself, is inconsistent throughout the different colours.