Wyandotte Hens and Bantams

I breed and occasionally show Wyandotte chickens as a hobby.  Currently I concentrate on bantams because they are so much easier to keep and still lay really well.   My main interest is in developing mottled, millefleur and spangled Wyandottes.  I also keep partridge, silver pencilled, blue partridge and blue silver pencilled.

Chickens for sale

In order to develop the different colours I breed more than I need and sell the spare hens. Call me on 01403 268844 to find out what chickens I have for sale.

Hens and point of lay pullets

I hatch chickens throughout the year so often have hens and point of lay pullets for sale

Millefleur Wyandotte pullet

Productive hens

Although Wyandottes are fabulously decorative most of the varieties are extremely productive, laying good sized eggs almost all year.  Bantams too lay surprising large eggs and as a bonus bantam eggs have proportionately larger yolks.

Crele Wyandotte

Cockerels too

Of course I also have  cockerels both breeding quality and as companions; ex breeding males are usually free to good homes. Wyandotte cockerels are stunningly beautiful. The hens love having a cockerel to look after them. and  and their interaction with the hens really adds to the pleasure of owning poultry.

Nice natured cockerels

Wyandottes naturally have a good temperament and I select for nice cockerels that don’t attack people and are tolerant of other males.  Wyandotte bantam cockerels are a good size to partner bantam or large fowl and make ideal escorts for ex-bats.

Wyandotte chicks with partridge broody
Wyandotte chicks with partridge broody

Wyandotte Hatching Eggs

I prefer people to collect the eggs but I can send them out.  Fertile eggs usually for sale include:

  • Pot luck of the varieties
  • Interesting Wyandottes from my broodies running with different variety of cockerel; often very beautiful unique chickens result
  • Partridge and blue partridge
  • Silver pencilled,and blue silver pencilled
  • Mottled black, chocolate and blue
  • Self Black, chocolate and blue
  • Lavender carrying blacks
  • Millefleur
    appaloosa l

Other Interests

Flax also known as linseed;  Linum usitatissimum; natural remedies, eating for health, arts and handicrafts using this amazing plant. See Flax Farm website for the best flaxseed (linseed) in the UK.  🙂

Room to rent near Horsham

Rights of way  & local history. Helping support people working to keep local public footpaths and bridleways, ancient roads and paths open for everyone. We would love to hear from you if you have any information about the history of Sedgwick, Nuthurst, Copsale and Broadwater Lane especially old maps or experience of using the routes round here. It could help get these old paths and bridleways reopened. Please contact me if you can help. 

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