Millefleur Wyandotte chicks
Millefleur Wyandotte chicks

Wyandotte chickens

Wyandottes come in an amazing array of varieties. They are a great breed for eggs laying relatively big eggs for their size.  They have a calm easy temperament so live in coops or restricted range happily They are a great breed of chicken suitable for novice poultry keepers.

Partridge and silver pencilled Wyandottes, Also Blue Wyandottes
Partridge and silver pencilled Wyandottes, Also Blue Wyandottes

Traditional Varieties

My traditional varieties of Wyandotte are the beautiful partridge, blue partridge, their silver counterpart silver pencilled, blue, blue silver pencilled.  Also mottled which was recently re-included in the poultry standards of Great Britain, blacks, blues and chocolates plus other attractive combinations of dilutes and mottling.

Silver pencilled Wyandotte hen
Silver pencilled Wyandotte hen

New, Unusual and Development Varieties

I currently concentrate on developing millefleur, spangled and mottled, mainly in black but also some of the more dilute colours.  I have also bred lavenders, mauve, splash and blue this year. As well as some charming  pale and  almost white birds from a combination of the above dilutes.


Wyandottes in lots of colours

I specialise in Wyandotte bantams because they lay brilliantly, lots actually lay large eggs and the breed comes in almost every possible chicken colour, 

50 Wyandotte chicks with Croad Langshan foster mum
50 Wyandotte chicks with Croad Langshan foster mum

Chickens for sale

In order to develop the colours I breed more than I need and sell the spare hens.  I have several standard colours and lots of unique one-offs, sometimes these are the most beautiful but unrepeatable.   Call me on 01403 268844 to find out what chickens I have for sale.  I am near Horsham, West Sussex. 

Hens and point of lay pullets

I hatch broods fairly well throughout the year so usually have hens and point-of-lay pullets for sale.

Millefleur Wyandotte pullet

Productive hens

Although Wyandottes are fabulously decorative most of the varieties are extremely productive, laying good sized eggs almost all year.  Bantams too lay surprising large eggs and as a bonus bantam eggs have proportionately larger yolks.

Crele Wyandotte